Name Files

This page contains a library of name files created by other Space Empires III gamers. If you have created a name text file that you are proud of, please send it in so that others can enjoy it as well! Name files are files such as the ship design name files (the text files in the Names directory), and the Empires.txt and Systems.txt files (located in the Files directory).

The Design Names files are the text files that you select from when starting a game. They give you the list of design names to pick from when you're making new designs. The Empires.txt file contains the list of empire names that are used in the game. The Systems.txt file contains the names the game uses for each of the solar systems. You can modify any of these files to put your own names into the game.

You can email your new name files to:

Last Updated: 3/3/98

To Use
Just download the zip file and then uncompress it. Follow the directions below for copying the files into different directories. When you run the game, the new names will be available for selection in the Empires Setup window. Have Fun!

Download: Design Name Files -
Place all of these in the Space Empires III\Names directory.

Download: Empire and System Names -
Download these and then pick the Empires.txt file and Systems.txt file you wish to use. Copy these 2 files to your Space Empires III\Files directory.

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