This page contains a library of scenarios created by other Space Empires III gamers. If you have created a scenario that you are proud of, please send it in so that others can enjoy it as well!

Scenarios are saved games that you can load and play. Each zip file below contains a savegame and a text file describing the scenario. Your challenge may just be to win, or perhaps accomplish some goal within a certain number of turns.

If you are submitting a scenario, please send a pkzip which includes the savegame, a description text file, and any special ship styles bitmaps or design name files. For the description text file, please include the following details:

You can email your new files to:

Last Updated: 7/13/98

To Use
Just download the zip file and then uncompress it. Read the info.txt file which describes the scenario. Copy any ship style bitmaps (.bmp) to your se3\pictures\ships directory. Copy any design name (.txt) files to your se3\names directory. Run the game, and load the savegame from the directory where you decompressed the files (you can also make it easier on yourself by just copying the savegame file (.gam) to your se3\savegame directory).

Once you start the game, you will probably need to resize the windows to fit your resolution. Under the Windows menu item, select Arrange, and then select the resolution for your system.

Scenarios To Download

Name Description Download
The Hard Way 1 Human Player vs. 9 Computer empires
The Great Game This is a package of materials needed to play the vast "Great Game" scenario. A similar game like this one has engaged me in combat for over 1100 turns (110 game years).
PeaceMaker You are the emperor of the Mortani Empire, one of the first in the galaxy. You are charged with nurturing the "little ones" younger and less developed races and bringing the galaxy to peace. You job will not be an easy one though, there are other "Ancient Ones" hell bent on war and the destruction of your emipre and others just want to be left alone.
Capture The Flag The Red Team and the Blue Team. You both fight a war with one planet. However it's not that simple... You only have 1 planet which acts as the "Flag". So whoever destroys (or captures) their enemy's only planet has essentially captured the flag and won the game!

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