You can order the registered version of Space Empires III using this web page. Orders are taken through Emetrix using an online order taking system. Once you make your payment with them, we will email you your registration code. You will also receive a letter via normal mail with all of your order information as well. In this way, we can get you up and playing the registered version in a matter of days!

Since these orders are taken by Emetrix, they will not be able to answer any of your tech support questions. For tech support, you should contact us directly at

We offer two products:
Space Empires III is $25 US for the registration code emailed to you.
We also offer the Space Empires Compilation CD for $35 US which includes the full versions of Space Empires I, Space Empires II, Space Empires III, and tons of custom styles for SE3.

If you want to send Space Empires III as a gift, contact us and we will generate custom registration codes for the recipients. Give the gift of galactic conquest!

When ordering, please have the following information available:
Full Name, Mailing Address, Country, Phone Number, Email Address, Credit Card Number.

Online Ordering

Click Space Empires Compilation CD to order this product. The CD will be mailed to your address. You will also be emailed the registration code for Space Empires III so that you can start playing immediately. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of the CD.

Click Space Empires III emailed registration code to order this product. After ordering, you will receive the registration via email within 24-48 hours. Don't worry about the version number you are ordering for. The registration code you get will work on all versions of Space Empires III both past, present, and future.

Thanks for supporting shareware!

When you receive your registration code, start Space Empires III. Select ‘Register’ in the Start Window and enter your information in the Registration Window. Once the game validates your registration code, you'll be playing the full registered version. 211 more tech levels await you!

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