Ringed Gaseous Planet

Oxygen atmosphere Terrestroid

Large Planet with a Hydrogen/Helium atmosphere
Asteroid Field

Red Star

Large Planet with a Argon/Nitrogen atmosphere

Oxygen/Nitrogen Planet

Small moon with no atmosphere

Large Planet with a Hydrogen/Helium atmosphere

Warp Point

Medium size planet with a Chlorine atmosphere

The dawn of a new age of exploration. Your race has discovered a way to pass through the fabric of space and move to other solar systems beyond your own. The galaxy is alive with movement and colonization. But you soon discover, that you are not alone. Other races have evolved and seek to further their empires. Will you coexist, or is the galaxy yours to do with as you please? You'll have to design your starships, build them and send them into the icy void of space. Explore new solar systems, colonize strange alien worlds, and build an industrial complex to feed your empire. Research vital new technologies, perform intelligence operations on your neighbors, and play the delicate game of political intrigue. Will your empire stand the test of time and conquer the galaxy? Or will you bring peace to the untold billions who await you? Your dominion awaits...

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