Game Play -
  • 1-10 Players - human or computer
  • 256 color graphics
  • Supports higher resolutions such as 800x600 and 1024x768
  • Multi-player support for play by email across all mediums

Game Setup -
  • Completely customizable game setup
  • Custom races with unique racial advantages
  • Player definable winning conditions
  • Detailed score system to rank players against each other

Technology -
  • 55 different tech areas with more than 10 tech levels each
  • Over 250 different components to be used on ships

Worlds -
  • Thousands of different worlds to explore and colonize
  • Completely random galaxy creation for each game. Have up to 100 solar systems with 15 planets each!
  • Colonize each planet and build different facilities to help your empire
  • External Events such as rebellions, disasters, and more!

Combat -
  • Detailed space combat - either strategic or tactical
  • A Combat Simulator where you can try out new designs before buying them

  • Simple Windows 95 interface makes learning easy
  • Extensive on-line help with beginners tutorial
  • Not just your simple point-to-point space game

Ships -
  • Create your own ship designs - as many as you want
  • Draw your own ship pictures and empire icon
  • Get new ship pictures created by other players in our ship styles library!
  • Retrofit ships to use the latest weapons
  • Detailed orders can be given to each ship which removes the montony of moving each individual unit.
  • 18 different ship sizes

Units -
  • Fighters which can launch from bases, carriers, or planets
  • Troops which can be landed on a planet and take it over
  • Mine fields which can destroy entire fleets

Operations -
  • Intelligence operations such as espionage and sabotage
  • Detailed politics with different relations offering their own advantages

Computer Opponents
  • Challenging computer opponents(AIs) with unique personalities
  • Over 10 different AI personality types to interact and ally/combat with
  • Each AI uses a unique strategy and weapons specialization
  • AIs that don't cheat!
  • AI Ministers which you can set to run portions of your empire

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