The Space Empires III Editor
Well, here it is! The Space Empires III editor allows you to edit the component, facility, troop, fighter, and mine data files used by Space Empires III. You can add your own new ones, add new pictures, and even increase the existing tech levels. Try it out and let us know what you think. If you come up with some particularly interesting data files, be sure to email them to us. We will make new items available on this page for download. The Space Empires III Editor is free to all registered owners of Space Empires III. You must have version 1.13 of Space Space Empires III to use the edited data files create by the editor.

NOTE: The Space Empires III Editor can only be run by registered owners of Space Empires III. In addition, the data files that it creates, will only work for registered owners of Space Empires III.

2nd NOTE: The editor will create data files that can only be used by version 1.13 or later of Space Empires III.

Downloading the Space Empires III Editor
To download SE3 Editor version 1.1, click Download (se3edt11.zip) . (File size is approximately 150K).

Downloading the Space Empires III Original Data Files
Just in case you make a mistake, here are the original SE3 Data Files.
To download the SE3 Data Files, click
Download (se3datfl.zip) . (File size is approximately 34K).

Downloading the Data File Excel Spreadsheet Listings
A hearty thanks goes to Robert Olesen who took the time to create Excel Spreadsheets which list out all of the data elements (components, troops, fighters, mines, facilities) that are available.
To download the Data Files Spreadsheets, click
Download (editinfo.zip) . (File size is approximately 19K).

When you have completed downloading the zip file, you will need to unzip it. You can use WinZIP from windows, or pkunzip from DOS. Just be sure and decompress the files into your Space Empires III directory (the location where "se3.exe" resides). When decompressing, you can copy over the readme.txt file if you wish.

New Data Files for Download

Name Description Download
Adam's Enhancement Pack This has 30+ new tech levels, 6 new races, new ship names & types, and a new version of the "Great Game."! seiiiaep.zip
Mike's Enhancement Pack This has 500 components, and incorporates work from other enhancement packages. Biggest data file to date! mikese3.zip
Robert Olesen's Penultimate Pack 400 components, 59 Facilities, 46 Troops, 44 Fighters, 34 Mines, and an Excel Spreadsheet that lists everything (and I do mean everything!). innova.zip
Bill's Power Pack Over 100 fighters and over 200 weapons. This package gives you everything you need to take over the galaxy, and more... se3bill.zip
Eric's Data 100 New Tech Levels and scores of new pictures. eric.zip

Common Questions\Notes:
1. You cannot rename the Tech Areas.

2. You cannot create new Tech Areas.

3. You can only increase the tech levels in the existing tech areas.

4. Do not create any components, facilities, troops, fighters, or mines which do not have a tech type. All items must have a tech type and a tech value greater than zero. Failing to do this will result in a Range Check Error in the game.

5. If you want to hide an item so that you can't see it in the game, set its tech level to something like 200 (past the maximum tech level for that tech type). This is a good way to create fighter weapons that cannot be used on ships.

6. The Palace facility type is not used in the game.

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