Space Empires II

Game Features

1-4 Players - human or computer
Neutral players to hinder your progress
New galaxy created for each game
20 different tech levels with different new components at each level to use on your ships
Create your own ship designs
Detailed Tactical Combat

System Requirements

IBM PC 100MHz 80486 compatible or faster
Windows 3.1
Display resolution of 640x480 or better
Display of 16 colors or better
4MB of hard drive space
Microsoft-compatible mouse


IBM PC 90MHz Pentium compatible or faster

Screen Shots

The main Strategic window of SE2

The player has entered into combat

The player can design all of his own starships


Downloading Space Empires II
Space Empires II is shareware. You can download it, and play it as long as you wish. When you're ready to play the full version of the game you can order it from us. The registered version comes with 15 more tech levels which include more ship sizes, weapons, and more! (There are more details in the game itself).

To download Space Empires II version 1.5, click
Download ( . (File size is approximately 590K).


We are no longer selling Space Empires II separately. It is now bundled with Space Empires III when you purchase the CD delivery option. Please see our Space Empires III order page for details.

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